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Tobias Strålin

European Co-leader

Tobias Strålin is a Partner at McKinsey and the European Leader of Fuel by McKinsey.

As a McKinsey Partner, I have had the opportunity to contribute to multiplying many small and large tech companies’ valuations in close collaboration with their top management teams, and by doing so, realizing USD ~10 billion in valuation gains.

I founded McKinsey’s software development practice more than 5 years ago and laid the foundation for growth and impact with >80% CAGR since 2014.

During my time as leader of McKinsey’s European product development practice, the practice grew by >80% and got recognized as the world’s best R&D consultant by an independent, third-party assessor.

I bring a global, high-tech perspective based on the significant experience of serving one of the top-3 high-tech companies in North America, Europe, and Asia respectively.

I have lived a couple of years on the US West Coast and was then a leader in our US high-tech practice on the West Coast.

I have extensive experience from leading development of company-wide corporate strategies for several Fortune 500 firms as well as small and mid-sized companies.

I have a personal passion for social impact and have had the opportunity to do a large number of pro bono projects for amazing, nonprofit organizations.

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