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Where are your opportunities to scale? With SaaSRadar, our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics, we compare you against relevant SaaS peers and make data-backed recommendations that clear your path for growth.

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SaaSRadar will show you which levers to pull to accelerate efficient growth

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Input three simple data points to see how your Customer Lifetime Value/Customer Acquisition Cost compares to startups in your revenue range.



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Your CLTV/CAC ratio is low, and this suggests you may not be getting enough value for your marketing and sales spend. Most often, a successful strategy to address this includes a program to reduce churn and improve sales and marketing efficiency. SaaSRadar can help you figure out which levers will be most effective for you.

Most SaaS companies like you are in a similar range, meaning they meet typical expectations for a return on marketing and sales spend. But one metric never tells the whole story, SaaSRadar can help you get deeper with over 50 metrics to identify the biggest opportunities to accelerate your growth.

While this suggests your return on marketing and sales spend is better than most, it's not all good news. If your ROI is too high, you may be leaving safe opportunities to grow much faster on the table. SaaSRadar's 50 different benchmarks can help you identify what those might be.


The Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost ratio shows how effectively a SaaS business can generate revenue (LTV) by spending on marketing and sales (CAC). While it may seem that a higher ratio is always better, that’s not always the case. If your LTV to CAC ratio is too high, it may mean that you are not spending enough on sales and marketing. If it is too low, you will need to find either more efficient growth channels or better customer monetization. Find out more about how a detailed and tailored SaaSRadar readout can help you drive better business decisions.

The depth of analysis in SaaSRadar is far beyond any other benchmarking we’ve performed.

CFO, SaaS company, $50-100 MM ARR

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