Tailored benchmarks for mid-sized SaaS companies to accelerate growth

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How do you stack up against your peers on a similar journey?

With SaaSRadar’s Enterprise edition, our proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics, we compare your performance against other mid-size software companies based on percentage of revenue from subscription and offer data-backed recommendations to drive growth.


With SaaSRadar get personalized results, growth levers, and a fact base for decision-making

Benchmarks and Comparison

A granular benchmark of company performance and operating practices against leading peers

Holistic Diagnostics

A synthesis of strengths and opportunities for development

Personalized Recommendations

A perspective on concrete steps that could elevate performance

Our Objective

Get unique, fact-based insights on operating performances

Get a detailed understanding of operating performance of mid-sized software companies to understand the markers of top-performing subscription organizations.

Understand leading organizations’ performance

Develop insights into what separates leading organizations from the pack as well as common challenges faced by complex, subscription businesses.

Access a customized fact-base

We will share personalized readouts and recommendations to help you understand how to grow your business and where to focus and invest next.


Try the live SaaSRadar demo to see the core features and experiment with your own data.

Try SaaSRadar

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