Rapid Sales Acceleration

Beachheads: The difference between scale and fail

Learn how to quickly identify and prioritize the industries, use cases, and value propositions that can rapidly accelerate sales.

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Focused Market Entry

Rapidly Scale Your Sales

Where should a startup place its bets and focus sales and product development demands from different customers? Is a new market entry plan achievable? Are these the right verticals to focus on now, or will another sector drive growth more rapidly? Fuel identified six common principles that successful startups follow when making these decisions to achieve scale beyond early product-market fit:
  • Focus on a few beachheads

    Don’t boil the ocean by entering too many verticals and too many use cases. A winning go-to-market strategy combines two things: an attractive industry vertical and a compelling customer use case.

  • Select beachheads with objective criteria

    Using rigid criteria, such as materiality and accessibility of verticals, will likely yield better results than going by instinct.

  • Keep the customer first

    A great customer-facing narrative focuses on why a customer would want to use a technology versus what it does.

  • Address all the KBF’s

    Budgets, other stakeholders, implementation, and legal hurdles: A strong understanding of all the key buying factors for each segment is critical to scale quickly.

  • Get intimate with industry sales cycles

    Understanding each step in every industry vertical sales cycle gives sales and marketing teams the confidence to know where to invest and how to sell more effectively.

  • Get some external perspective

    Offset groupthink and confirmation bias by testing new plans with external advisors who understand the potential customers’ needs and buying processes.

Need help focusing your startup on the beachheads and use cases that will rapidly scale sales?

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Our Approach

Our approach–combining sector expertise with a dedicated team–can help a startup develop a rapid sales acceleration plan in 4-6 weeks. The result will be a well-defined short-list of beachheads and use cases, each with a focused entry strategy. And the confidence to rapidly accelerate sales and get to the future faster. The process is unique to each startup but includes:

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