Tomorrow’s growth depends on today’s foundation.

Our research shows that companies that evolve organizational capabilities ahead of customer growth have a better chance of creating a sustainable, competitive advantage.

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Organizational Essentials

Sustain organizational health as you scale

Most successful startups master these five essentials:
  • Define and stay focused on an audacious North Star

    Most entrepreneurs start a business to make a better future. That vision should be shared regularly with employees and customers as you grow.

  • Values should evolve and remain shared

    Articulate your values and culture early. Then allow them to evolve in a way that allows collaboration and growth without compromise.

  • Design the org for growth

    As you scale, you will need to “structure your structure,” including better defining and communicating roles and OKRs for an ever-growing number of individuals and teams and for the company overall. This should be built ahead of revenue and customer growth so that teams remain focused in the face of constant change.

  • You need an EX, not just a UX

    Just as you need a unique value proposition for customers, the same is true for your employees. Make your employee experience (i.e., recruiting, onboarding, career development and performance management) as much as other core parts of the business.

  • Don’t fear the “P word” (process)

    Growth does not have to equal bureaucracy. Budgeting, OKR development, and strategic planning are essential elements of sustained, efficient growth.

Healthy companies, regardless of industry, outperform unhealthy organizations by 3X.

source: McKinsey Organizational Health Index
Our Approach

Proprietary tools and tailored approach deliver fast impact

Proprietary analytic tools

We’ll help you diagnose your organization’s culture, structure, and talent to understand your organizational “health.” Then we design a plan scale mindfully, organize for faster growth and a higher rate of success, and improve every step of the employee experience.

Action planning

We’ll prioritize opportunities to help you develop clear and actionable organizational initiatives, including strengthening shared values, designing optimal structure and roles, and applying people analytics and McKinsey Academy classes for the hiring and development of your talent.

Deployment support

Fuel can provide critical support to you during the implementation phase. Our experts can support the build of data-backed hiring techniques, new organizational designs, updated performance management, and partnering in general to scale your startup’s org across all critical levers.

Success at Speed

How Fuel will help you get to the future faster

With Fuel, you will get:

  • Playbook for growth

    Get a deep understanding of your organizational strengths and weaknesses, and concrete recommendations on changes to communications, hiring, management behavior, and performance management to make your culture and shared values the north star for sustained growth.

  • Org modeling

    Get tools and expertise to design your future organization, so that your startup’s capabilities are able to support increasing product, sales, and talent complexity.

  • In-depth insights

    Access world-class hiring, training, and rewards systems, so whether you are at employee 50 or 500, you can design the best employee engagement processes to scale.

  • Training programs

    Participate in McKinsey Academy training programs to strengthen management capacity, as well as leverage people analytics tools to help you continue to evolve your organizational capabilities as you grow.

Get started on building the organizational capabilities that get you to the future faster

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