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Ignition Club is Fuel’s local community for start-ups, investors, and other members of the start-up ecosystem.

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Join Ignition Club to learn, network, and collaborate

Ignition Club seeks to create local communities that bring together start-ups, investors, and corporate innovators, providing opportunities to learn, network, collaborate, and accelerate early-stage growth. 

Our goal is to help start-ups access a community of experts across the start-up ecosystem who can help founders navigate the path forward. Investors and corporate innovators can learn about McKinsey’s latest research and insights and expand their networks.

Connect With Others in Your Region

Fuel has 50+ offices with local Ignition Clubs. Programs include social events for start-ups, investors, and corporate innovators; problem-solving sessions; and workshops with McKinsey and industry experts on the most pressing topics.

How to join

For more information on how to join, please fill out an application form and a local team member will contact you with more details.
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