Embrace your startup frenemies

Engaging with the startup ecosystem is increasingly critical. Fuel helps corporations achieve newfound inspiration and corporate growth through startup engagement.


Most executives believe innovation is critical for their business, yet they feel behind in their ability to innovate.

think innovation is a top priority, yet only ¼ is satisfied with their innovation performance
new corporate venture capital funds
invested in 2018, but 1/3 of funds that were active in 2015 have since stopped investing
of interviewed corporates
have 2+ programs to engage with the external ecosystem
of the existing S&P 500 companies
have disappeared in the last 20 years, and the lifespan of S&P 500 companies has decreased from 67 to 15 years


At Fuel, we understand the questions that are top of mind for corporate executives related to the startup ecosystem.


You can invest in your future by investing in startups

Corporations can accelerate growth by working with startups to combine assets and capabilities and transform industries together. In fact, annual corporate investment in startups has grown nearly 300% since 2010.

Accelerate Growth Through Startup Engagement

Because we serve incumbents and startups, the Fuel team has the unique ability to bring these two ecosystems together.
  • Innovation bootcamps

    We host corporate executive teams in Silicon Valley, New York, Israel, and innovation hubs throughout Europe and Asia, connecting them with potential partners to drive strategic initiatives forward.

  • Startup engagement strategy

    We work with corporate executive teams to establish a portfolio of initiatives and an effective operating model to engage with startups for lasting impact.

  • Corporate venturing

    We help corporate innovators develop and execute their corporate venture capital strategies, enabling them to deliver both strategic and financial dividends.

  • Leadership capability building

    We guide executive teams over a multi-month leadership journey to set a startup and innovation agenda while building the necessary capabilities to achieve their goals for growth.

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