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Fuel pairs startup experts with McKinsey’s deep industry and functional expertise and global network. We help startups and their investors accelerate growth through flexible consulting approaches designed to deliver the future faster.

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Sprint-based Consulting

Consulting sprints at the speed you need

We help companies with their growth needs in flexible sprints of 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks (and beyond), depending on the needs. We pair dedicated teams with access to our network of McKinsey and external experts. Our approach to consulting ensures you get actionable results.

  • Focus

    We tailor the scope to what can realistically be achieved given the time horizon and budget. For example, for use case prioritization, we don’t do deep dives on 20 use cases when 2-5 may be all that can realistically be addressed with near-term product and sales capabilities

  • Expertise

    We access experts from our 20+ industry and 60+ functional practices, and pair them with our over 150+ consultants with startup experience so you get deep sector, functional, and startup insight no matter your stage of growth or need

  • Action

    Startups need practical recommendations focused on execution. We get down to brass tacks, including helping write sales pitches for new use cases, detailing customer-specific price transition plans, or providing on-going implementation support

  • Objectivity

    We maintain our objective and fact-based approach, providing you with the robust ‘outside-in’ perspective that helps align management teams and investors on your biggest levers for growth

Future Faster Partnerships

Want to scale even faster?

Sometimes your ambition and scale of opportunity could use the competitive boost that partnering with Fuel provides. Through our Future Faster Partnerships we:
  • Serve as true partners and part of your team

  • Have a bias for action, pursuing rapid iterations of test, refine, deploy where appropriate

  • Provide access to an array of McKinsey expertise in a variety of approaches, including dedicating data scientists or designers, and tailoring McKinsey Academy learning programs to your training needs

  • Align ourselves with you on the performance objectives, ensuring our fee arrangements are tied to shared objectives and KPIs

Future Faster Partnerships are tailored to your situation but examples include:

A series of high-impact consulting sprints and advisory support over time
Business acceleration, where we operate side by side with you until your targeted end-state is achieved
JV business creation, starting with creating the business plan and launching the business

Fuel Access

Answers to your key questions, one topic at a time. Our McKinsey experts combine the analytical with the anecdotal to get you to the insights that matter. Fast. Offered as single sessions, in packages, or by subscription.

Thanks to Fuel Access, I can now see a much clearer path for our next stage of growth

CEO, FinTech Startup

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