ConsumerRadar: Benchmarking Your Startup’s Journey


ConsumerRadar: Benchmarking Your Startup’s Journey

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ConsumerRadar: Fuel by McKinsey's proprietary startup benchmarking tool is available free to companies that sign up using the link below.

At Fuel by McKinsey, we’re passionate about seeing startups succeed. Most of us come from a startup background ourselves and know first-hand the incredible highs and the painful challenges of successfully scaling a company.

For that reason, we are pleased to announce the launch of ConsumerRadar, Fuel by McKinsey’s proprietary benchmarking tool designed to help B2C ecommerce startups better understand how they compare to their peers on their growth trajectory and key business health metrics.

We want to help B2C startups accelerate growth by:

  1. maximizing return on marketing spend
  2. improving acquisition effectiveness
  3. better engaging and retaining customers
  4. building effective marketing organizations
  5. knowing what good looks like and how close you are

Participating companies provide Fuel by McKinsey with financial and marketing data. In return you will receive detailed benchmarks on all critical performance levers against a relevant cohort. In addition, you will receive an in-depth read out by a Fuel consumer expert of your company’s performance on more than 50 critical metrics – and ways to address any gaps.

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All data is strictly confidential, and the list of participating companies will not be shared publicly.  If you are interested in participating, please sign up with the link below or email

Happy scaling!

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Ken Fenyo Headshot
Ken Fenyo
West Coast Markets Lead

Ken leads our Consumer Markets team developing client relationships and benchmarking tools.

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