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Fuel is the McKinsey you know and the McKinsey you don’t. We help startups and investors accelerate growth through consulting services, capability building, and connections, tailored to startup timelines and the need to scale fast.


Multiply your impact

Fuel delivers the proprietary data, insights and confidence needed to work toward higher valuations and faster finishes.


I am a startup
  • a startup
  • a corporate
  • an investor
and I want to:
  • Optimize pricing

    Find opportunities to increase revenue, reduce churn, and align product offerings to customer segments

  • Accelerate business building

    Enable rapid growth through our comprehensive strategic and implementation services

  • Rapidly prioritize verticals and use cases

    Determine which verticals, use cases, and routes to market get to faster product adoption, lower churn, and higher conversion

  • Enhance sales and marketing

    Understand how to shorten sales cycles and improve conversions through better value propositions, sales processes, and sales capabilities

  • Define a growth strategy

    Find the next vectors of growth and the plan to get there

  • Scale organizational capabilities

    Build and maintain a strong and healthy organization, encompassing my company's culture, value, capabilities, and management processes

  • Design product to customer value and cost

    Design products that maximize customer value while balancing development and manufacturing costs

  • Fuel consumer acquisition and loyalty

    Deeply understand the mindsets and behaviors of my consumers and the product, marketing, and loyalty levers to pull to maximize acquisition and retention

  • Engage with corporates, investors and other start-ups

    Connect with members of the Fuel community

  • Stay on top of innovation

    Keep a pulse on technology innovation in my industry and accelerate my own digital roadmap

  • Engage with corporates, investors, and other start-ups

    Develop a healthy pipeline of opportunities to work with startups and investors, while building my own capabilities to engage with them at scale

  • Disrupt myself

    Incubate my own digital disruptor and take a venture-like approach to new business-building

  • Size market potential and white space (TAM)

    Get fast, rigorously-researched market analysis and opportunity assessments

  • Benchmark portfolio companies

    See how my portfolio companies compare to one another and other companies in their category

  • Conduct due diligence

    Rapidly answer key questions about my investment thesis, including product market fit, industry structure and outlook and competitive intensity.

  • Help my portfolio companies accelerate growth

    Deploy Fuel’s suite of offerings, analytics tools and training across my portfolio for maximum impact

Fuel for thought

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Great work!

Your CLTV/CAC ratio is low, and this suggests you may not be getting enough value for your marketing and sales spend. Most often, a successful strategy to address this includes a program to reduce churn and improve sales and marketing efficiency. SaaSRadar can help you figure out which levers will be most effective for you.

Most SaaS companies like you are in a similar range, meaning they meet typical expectations for a return on marketing and sales spend. But one metric never tells the whole story, SaaSRadar can help you get deeper with over 50 metrics to identify the biggest opportunities to accelerate your growth.

While this suggests your return on marketing and sales spend is better than most, it's not all good news. If your ROI is too high, you may be leaving safe opportunities to grow much faster on the table. SaaSRadar's 50 different benchmarks can help you identify what those might be.



With SaasRadar, a McKinsey proprietary benchmarking tool for financial and operational metrics, we compare you against relevant SaaS peers and make data-based recommendations that clear your path for growth.

Try the live SaaSRadar demo to see the core features, experiment with your own data, or join a pilot to integrate your API.

Try SaaSRadar

Thanks to Fuel, we now understand what levers to pull to really move our numbers and lead the next wave of disruptive innovation.


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